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Rio de Janeiro - RJ

City Tour - Christ the Redeemer Statue + Sugar Loaf Cable Car (half day)

Visit the best of Rio, starting with the famous Christ the Redeemer monument and closing the day in the Sugar Loaf!

Corcovado Mountain and the Christ Statue are possibly Brazil’s most famous images.

The ascent by...

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Rio de Janeiro - RJ

City Tour - Christ Statue + Historic Downtown + Sugar Loaf

In this city tour you will visit the best of Rio, starting with the famous Christ the Redeemer monument and closing the day in the Sugar Loaf!

The ascent by the Corcovado Train crosses the preserved Atlantic forest of the Tiju...

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Floresta da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro

Tijuca’s National Park is a Brazilian conservation unit for the integral protection of nature, listed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.

It is the most visited park in Brazil and is located in the central portion of Rio. As it does not have a continuous territory, is integrated into the urban area of the city.


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Petrópolis - Rio de Janeiro

The Imperial City of Petropolis is located in Mountainous Region of Rio de Janeiro (68 km / 42 miles - around 1 hour drive).

Frequented since the 19th century by the emperor Dom Pedro I, and the Royal family. Since then, during the summer, the city became the capital of the Empire of Brazil, with the entire court.

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Hiking Tours

Sugar Loaf Hike - R$260

Sugar Loaf Natural Monument, one of Rio's most famous icons, consists of two hills. The higher one is the Sugar Loaf (396m / 1030ft), and the l...

Pedra da Gavea Hike - R$290

Pedra da Gavea (Gavea's Rock), is one of the most startling and rewarding of all hiking tours in Rio de Janeiro.

The summit stands at...

Pedra Bonita Hike - R$250

Pedra Bonita (Beautiful Stone) is located in the Tijuca's National Park, in São Conrado (696 m / 2284 ft). It is one of the b...

Tijuca's Peak Hike + National Park - R$270

Rio’s highest peak, Pico da Tijuca (1022m – 3353ft) is located in the middle of the Tijuca Forest, and overlooks most of the...

Christ Redeemer Trail x Lage Park - R$270

Discover the UNESCO-listed Tijuca National Rainforest and famous Christ the Redeemer Statue!

Christ Redeemer Monument, at...

Two Brothers Hill + Favela tour - R$250

Dois Irmãos Hill (Two Brothers) is certainly one of the most interesting in Rio, not only for being a formidable landmark on the right side of the...

Telegraph's Rock hike + Grumari beach - R$290

Located in a huge State park with its wonderful unspoiled beaches, lush forests and the Marambaia estuary. It is a great choice for those looki...

Adventure Tours

Trekking Pedra do Sino - Serra dos Orgaos National Park - R$650

Serra dos Orgaos National Park is famous for its spectacular rock formations, and its highest peak is known as Pedra do Sino (Bell's Rock) a...

Scuba Diving Tour - R$690

Founded in 1503 by the navigator Américo Vespúcio, located in the Lakes Region, Arraial do Cabo is approximately two and half hours drive f...

Hang Gliding / Paragliding - R$770

Hang gliding and paragliding flights in Rio are amazing experiences, with the unique landscape of the city.

The flights...

Rafting Tour - R$690

Rafting tours in Rio de Janeiro take place on a beautiful mountain range region in Tres Rios city, countryside of Rio with many ri...

Kayaking / Ocean Canoeing - R$250

Rio de Janeiro has a singular coast with beautiful mountains, rainforests, beaches and wild islands.

If you want to see this from a diff...

Surf Lessons - Barra da Tijuca - R$240

Held at Barra da Tijuca Beach or Marapendi Lagoon, an amazing and beautiful place in West Zone of Rio.

This beach offers ideal...

Ilha Grande - Full Day Tour - R$650

Protected by a huge State Park, Ilha Grande is famous for its lush Atlantic Rainforest and beautiful beaches with emerald waters. Its waters hav...

Serra dos Orgaos National Park - R$430

About one and half hour by car from Rio de Janeiro (100km / 62 miles), Serra dos Orgaos National Park features great infrastructure and att...

Bonsucesso Towers - Three Peaks State Park - R$650

Tres Picos State Park (Three Peaks) is one of the largest in the State of Rio de Janeiro (around 2:30 hours drive - 145 km / 90 miles from Rio's...